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Join an online recruitment marketplace. It’s FREE!!!


Receive a job!     Express interest!     Submit CV if you’re approved!     Earn if you make a placement!



We have a growing list of companies that need your recruitment services!

The Mema platform ( helps recruitment firms to be easily found by, supply talent to and make money from companies that may not be their current clients. Get business opportunities without making any sales effort!


How it works:

A client posts a job. Recruitment agencies participate on the Mema website either on a first-come, first-served basis and earn SILVER commission or by bidding for work and earn GOLD or PLATINUM commission.



When posting a job, an employer chooses its preferred payment plan (i.e. Silver, Gold or Platinum). Each posted job then displays the type of commission (Silver, Gold or Platinum) you’ll earn if you make a placement. You will earn a fixed amount per Work Level into which your hired candidate’s salary falls, as depicted in the table below:


Work Level

Suitability Reward


Commission (Gold)

Commission (Platinum)

Executive Level (R60K - < R100K pm)

R2 000

R108 800

R118 400

R128 000






If you make a placement, we collect income (after adding our small mark-up) and pay you your commission.


You can be selective:

If you’re a specialist recruitment agency and/or head-hunter you can participate in GOLD and/or PLATINUM vacancies only, if you so desire. Market your services to ideal prospects (i.e. companies that already have recruitment needs and are interested in engaging recruitment firms)!


One contract:

The relationship between employers, employment agencies and Mema is governed by a single set of standard and simple Mema terms that protect all parties. No papers to sign, no time wasting! Unsubscribe anytime! 


Suitability Reward:

You can earn this cash reward if your candidate was interviewed but not hired, provided a vacancy gets filled. 


Mema allows your recruitment company to:


•      Tap into a new revenue stream and increase cash flow.  

•      Communicate directly with an employer (your prospective client).

•      Win a Mema client over, become its preferred supplier and charge your own fee.    

•      Keep record of the recruitment process, effortlessly. No data capturing!

•      Bear no candidate replacement or payback obligation.


We incentivise clients to hire quickly! If a client hires after 60 days of job posting, we reduce our income and you earn more.

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