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8 Traits of Successful People

Posted By APSO, Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Updated: Thursday, 04 December 2014


Ten years of research and 500 face-to-face-interviews led Richard St. John, a globe-trotting marathon runner turned motivational speaker, to a collection of eight common traits in successful leaders around the world.

He interviewed individuals from a broad range of backgrounds, businessmen, sports stars, Hollywood greats, Nobel prize winners, academics and others, including Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, Bill Gates, James Cameron, Matt Groening and even Dan Ackroyd. The list of successful, influential people he interviewed goes on and on.

After analyzing everything he’d learned, he settled on these eight common traits:

1.       Passion. Love what you do.

2.       Work. Really hard.

3.       Focus. On one thing, not everything.

4.       Push. And keep on pushing yourself.

5.       Ideas. Come up with good ones.

6.       Improve. Keep improving yourself and what you do.

7.       Serve. Serve others something of value.

8.       Persist. Because there is no overnight success.

Whilst there are many technical skills that will be needed to drive your career forward, without exception every successful person Richard interviewed believed that without the “8 to be great” traits above, they would never have reached their goals. 

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Finding your passion is the key to career success

Posted By Natalie Singer, Thursday, 06 June 2013

People who are successful and happy usually work at something they love. We rarely achieve great happiness and success doing something we dislike. For most people, if we love what we’re doing, we do it very well and in turn we love it more because we’re successful at it and people compliment us.

Sadly, many people accept jobs that they don’t really enjoy simply because they have no choice. But, whenever possible, we should choose to work in an environment and in a role that we are passionate about so that we can enjoy what we do and in turn enjoy success. This may even involve volunteering your time outside of your "day job” to get experience and exposure to an environment that ignites our passion and makes us feel alive and valued.

The circle of success

Following your passion can only lead to bigger and better things. The "circle of success” is driven by our passion and dedication to our interest as follows:



Being good at something enables high quality results to be produced. When we excel and work hard at something we inevitably become better at it. We begin to develop expertise and become innovative and creative driving constant improvements all the while making it even easier to enjoy and love what we do.       

Building a career or business around your personal passion

If you build your career or business around your personal passion, or an interest that you love, you tend to automatically harness several vital elements for success:

  1. You will work very hard and be determined and persistent
  2. You will constantly improve your skills and knowledge and this improves your performance
  3. You will have a smile on your face and your enthusiasm will be transferred to your colleagues, your managers and your customers
  4. You will quickly build a strong reputation especially for reliability and quality
  5. You will treat mistakes and failures as lessons and challenges to be overcome, rather than as obstacles and problems
  6. You will keep up to date with all the latest trends and will increase your business
  7. Your efficiency will mean that it’ll be easier to make money
  8. You will be so happy in work that you’ll more easily remain stress free and sustain success through life-balance 

Turn your passion into profit!

Making money doing something you love is the ultimate. Why not use the tool below to work out how your passion might make you money, either in the form of a salary (for a traditional job) or profit (from your own business)?

Follow this formula to get your creative juices flowing and to consider the possibilities open to you.



For the purposes of this exercise "passions” are the things you love & enjoy, and typically that you are naturally good at too.

"Strengths” are your working and thinking styles – for example whether you are good with people or not; whether you are good with numbers or mechanical things etc.

Experiences, knowledge, skills and attitude can feature in, and for many people contribute, to both passions and strengths, but for the purpose of this exercise these are best considered under strengths. For example: You might be stuck in a job you hate but you have a passion for cooking.

You enjoy gardening and find pleasure in creating delicious meals with the vegetables that grow in your garden. Why not consider using these passions to create a small business offering delicious home cooked meals with fresh ingredients, from your garden, to busy working moms who don’t have time to make food when they get home from work?

Using the template to turn your passion to profit

In order to understand where your passions lie and how these might be utilized in an income-generating environment, follow these steps.



"See it, to believe it”

Visualisation is a very powerful tool. All the best sportsmen will tell you that they visualize themselves scoring goals, throwing record-breaking javelins or winning gold medals. If you understand what you want and how you’re going to achieve it, getting there is easy. The planning tool above will assist you in keeping on track, visualizing the steps to success and ultimately achieving your goals.

  • Believe it and commit to making it happen.
  • Refine it constantly as it (and you) develops.
  • Give it time and space to grow.
  • Enjoy building your plan.
  • Start small – you have to learn to crawl before you walk and to walk before you run.
  • Start now!


Whether you want to start your own business, become self-employed, freelance or prefer to be employed in a new field, the principles of the above process still apply. Think of yourself as a company; whether you work for yourself or for someone else. Be your own boss – give yourself opportunities, aims, a vision and plan the steps to achieve what you want.

For many people, profit and making money are the natural results of working hard doing something they love. Go on, find your passion and turn it into profit!

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