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APSO AGM Re-scheduled to 2 Sept 2014

Wednesday, 30 July 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Natalie Singer
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30 July 2014 

REVISED Notice of Annual General Meeting (National)

In terms of Section 12 of the APSO Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), notice is hereby given that the 37th National Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO) will be held on:

Date:               Tuesday 2 September 2014

Time:               09:00am

Venue:             Auditorium, Alexander Forbes Head Office, 115 West Road, Sandown, Gauteng, 2196          


After APSO’s initial notice dated 15 July 2014 the acting secretary for the AGM received feedback and suggestions from several concerned members regarding regional processes under the new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), especially the desire to retain a Regional AGM where volunteers could be elected by the regional members onto a Regional Committee.

The MOI is deliberately silent on this matter to ensure and encourage greater self ownership of projects and processes by members on a grassroots level. For this purpose APSO gladly accepts its members’ suggestions and therefore reschedules the National AGM for a later date, being 2 September 2014, to accommodate the conclusion of regional processes before then.

APSO will liaise with the current Regional Chairpersons and Committees to coordinate these Regional AGMs and notice of such will be send as soon as possible.

With regards to the meeting protocols and requirements your attention is drawn to the following extract from the MOI:


12.1 The Board, or any prescribed officer of the Company authorised by the Board, is entitled to call a Members' meeting at any time.
12.2 The Board shall call a meeting of Members if 1 (One) or more written and signed       demands calling for such a meeting are delivered to the Company and –
12.2.1 each such demand describes the specific purpose for which the meeting is proposed; and 
12.2.2 in aggregate, demands for substantially the same purpose are made and signed by the holders, at the earliest time specified in any of those demands, of at least 10% (Ten Percent) of the voting rights entitled to be exercised in relation to the matter proposed to be considered at the meeting.
12.3 Notwithstanding any provision of the Act to the contrary, and in addition to other meetings of the Company that may be convened from time to time, the Company shall convene an annual general meeting (“AGM”) of its Members once in each calendar year, but no more than 18 (Eighteen) months after the date of the previous AGM.
12.4 Each AGM of the Company contemplated in Article 12.3 shall provide for at least the following business to be transacted at the AGM –
12.4.1 the presentation of the financial statements for the immediately preceding financial year of the Company; 
12.4.2 the election of Non-Executive Directors, to the extent required by the Act or by this Memorandum; 
12.4.3 the appointment of an auditor for the following financial year, to the extent that the annual financial statements of the Company are required to be audited in terms of the Act or by this Memorandum; and 
12.4.4 any matters raised by the Members, with or without notice to the Company.
12.5 The minutes of an AGM shall be circulated to the Members no later than 60 (Sixty) days after the date of the AGM. 
12.6 Save as otherwise provided in this Memorandum, the Company is not required to hold any other Members' meetings other than those specifically required by the Act.
12.7 The Board may determine the location of any Members' meeting, which location shall as far as possible be at the principle place of business of the Company or within a reasonable distance thereof.
12.8 The minimum number of days for the Company to deliver a notice of a Members' meeting to the Members as required by Section 62 is as provided for in section 62(1) and, accordingly, any such notice shall be delivered to all Members as of the record date for the meeting, at least 15 (Fifteen) Business Days before the meeting is to begin. 
12.9 The quorum requirement for a Members' meeting to begin or for a matter to be considered are as set out in section 64(1) without variation and, accordingly – 
12.9.1 a Members' meeting may not begin until sufficient persons are present at the meeting to exercise, in aggregate, at least 10% (Ten Percent) of the voting rights that are entitled to be exercised in respect of at least one matter to be decided at the meeting; 


14.1 At any Member’s meeting of the Company:
14.1.1 each Member of the Company through its representative(s) present in person or by proxy shall have: 1 (One) vote, except for Dual Staffing Agencies, who shall have 2 (Two) votes; 1 (One) additional vote for each region in which a Member is registered; 1 (One) further additional vote for every 10 (Ten) Branches that a Member has, subject thereto that no Member shall have more than 5 (Five) votes;
14.1.2 The form appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointer or of his agent duly authorised in writing or, if the appointer is a corporate body, under the hand of an officer or agent authorised by that body. The holder of a general or special power of attorney given by a Member shall be entitled to vote, if duly authorised under that power to attend and take part in the meetings and proceedings of the Company or companies generally, whether or not he be himself a Member of the Company.

Please find below further important notes relating to the AGM process.

  1. Specific proxies will be admissible. Your attention is drawn to the notes appended hereto.
  2. Any matters for inclusion in the Agenda must be received by the Director: Compliance & Operations in writing, by fax or email, not later than Tuesday 19 August 2014
  3. APSO Board Nomination Forms have already been sent out but are available from the APSO Head Office or secretary below.
  4. The Agenda and proxy forms together with the list of nominees for the APSO Board and a list of the Volunteers for the APSO Regional Committees will be circulated to members by no later than Wednesday 20 August 2014.

All correspondence in this regard should be addressed to:

Attie Botes
Director: Compliance & Operations 
Acting as Secretary for Annual General Meeting 
Tel:      086 142 62 82 
Fax:      086 670 37 84 

Unit H3, Jigsaw Street, Isando Business Park, Cnr Gewel & Hulley Roads, Isando
0861 42 62 82
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